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Everybody Talks About It, No One Does Anything About It

July 21, 2022

How was your day? If you are in the United States, there’s a one in three chance, you were hot. And if you were in Europe the odds are even better that you were hot. Really hot. Not sure what the whole Celsius numbers were, but it was really hot.

It’s summer, the northern hemisphere is supposed to be hot. And it’s July. Again, that’s a time that it should be hot. Climate Change is real. The causes? Well, that’s another post.

Utah’s been in a drought for 8 of the last 10 years. AND we’re a desert. So, in our case, we are hot AND dry.

I grew up in Washington state. The western half of the state is famous for its rain. So, air conditioning wasn’t really a thing. And when it got hot. . .you know, in the summer, in July, it was kind of miserable. Fortunately it didn’t last long.

Here in Utah, air conditioning is a thing. We have been topping out in the low 100 degree days. Even at night it only gets down to the 70s.

So, the AC kind of runs most of the time. Our cars have air conditioning too. Even really old ones, like my 94 Corolla. It has manual transmission, manual locks, manual windows. It doesn’t even have cruise control. But, it has air conditioning.

I don’t use it.

Oh, I use the car, but not the AC. I prefer to drive with the window down and the cool breeze keeping me. . .well, cool. But, when it’s 101 outside the breeze isn’t cool.

I don’t care. I like to think I’m pretty perceptive of why I do things.

When it comes to turning off the AC and listening to the freeway traffic while I’m baking in the 100+ degree heat?

I have no idea.

Sometimes you don’t have to have a good reason.

Stay safe

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