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Please Don’t Call Me Doctor Bliss

July 26, 2022

I’m not a doctor. Not a doctor of education, not a PhD in Computer Science and certainly not an OBGYN doctor.

Unfortunately, there apparently IS a Doctor Bliss; Dr Robin Bliss. He (or she) is an OBGYN. And they signed up somewhere at some time and used my email address rbliss at msn dot com. You might think it’s flattering to be mistaken for a doctor. It’s not.

It’s not exactly spam

I unsubscribe from these. And they have gotten fewer. You might wonder how to get off these lists. Should you unsubscribe or just mark it as junk? Does unsubscribing make it worse?

Here’s a tip, you can safely unsubscribe from any email that lets you unsubscribe. Don’t try to unsubscribe from those that won’t let you.

I know sounds crazy. The CANSPAM act says that companies sending legitimate emails must have a link that lets you unsubscribe with a single click. The link is typically at the bottom of the email. Here’s the one from the email above.

Click the Unsubscribe link

As soon as you click that link it will automatically unsubscribe me. At least it will if it’s legit. Here’s what it shows:

Notice how it already has my email? That’s an indication that this is a legitimate email. It’s not typical spam from a list.

If an email takes you to a page that says, “Enter the email you would like to have unsubscribed” then you should NOT continue. Go into your email system’s and make the email as SPAM or JUNK. If you were to enter your email address, you would start to get more email.

So, I’ll continue to unsubscribe from these lists that are intended for Dr Robin Bliss, the OBGYN.

The most surprising thing about these emails is that I thought email for an OBGYN would be less G-rated.

Please stop calling me Dr Bliss.

Stay safe

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