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It’s All Fun And Games Until It’s Time To Go Home

January 5, 2024

My “workstation” faces a wall of windows. As a clerk in a 7-Eleven, visibility is important. Visibility of the store and the 16 gas pumps outside. It’s not a bad view, honestly. And today it was gorgeous. Utah got snow for the first time in a month. From my spot behind the counter I watched it come down all day. It started at 6:00am with a few flakes and got stronger and weaker through the day. 

The weather wasn’t too cold, so most of the snow collected on the grass and the tops of cars. The roads were in decent shape. 

My job is very low stress. I enjoy talking to people and I have a great boss. And, as I said, a pretty good view. I enjoyed the snow all the way up until about 3:30 this afternoon. It was still snowing. It just was less appealing to me. 

My shift ended at 4:00. 

Yeah, suddenly it wasn’t so peaceful and pretty. Fortunately the roads weren’t too bad. But my house is up on what’s called “the benches.” It’s about 500-600 feet higher than where I work. That slight elevation change was enough to drop the temperatures to a level where the snow stuck. . on my driveway. . and my front steps. 

And now I have to shovel it. 

Stay safe

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