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Taxes. . .No Death, Just Taxes

July 20, 2022

My little town of Pleasant Grove wants to raise taxes. The only tax they can raise is property taxes. They’ve worded it carefully, of course. “A small increase.”

The results will be about $45 per house on average. I would imagine mine will be higher than that. I got a flyer in teh mail. But, before the flyer, I saw a post on Facebook. The city had prepared a 3 minute video to explain the tax, what it was for, how much it would be.

They want to use the money to hire 2 new police officers, 2 new fire fighters, and spend $250,000 for road maintenance. I’m a reporter for our local paper. I did what reporters do. I asked some questions:

  • How much will the tax add to the city budget?
  • Will the $250,000 for roads be a one time expenditure or will it be an annual increase?
  • What criteria was used to decide we needed additional police and fire fighters?
  • When will the increase take effect?
  • Does this tax need to be voted on or will the city council decide on their own?

Several people LIKED my comment. But, not all the comments were as unemotional as mine. Several people objected to ANY taxes, no matter the ultimate use of the money. Several took the opportunity to accuse the city of corruption. Many just complained.

I never got an answer to my questions. The city removed the post. I’m not sure if it was my questions or the negative comments.

It’s too bad. That video looked like it took some work.

Stay safe

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