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NOW What Do I Do?

April 26, 2021

I’ve been in the revenge business so long, now that’s it over I don’t know what to do with the rest of my life.

– Inigo Montoya

I felt great understanding for the vengeful Spaniard last week. I didn’t kill a six fingered man. (I don’t even know a six fingered man.) But, I did achieve this.

This is no ordinary list. In fact, it’s a quite extraordinary list. Monumental even. The list includes:

  • + Weed killer lawn
  • + Weed killer sidewalk
  • + Sand sidewalk
  • + Old sink
  • + Ring DB / Garage
  • + Change Garage Code
  • + Miracle Grow garden
  • + Jenny Trunk
  • + Caulk cement
  • X Fix Punching Bag
  • + Buy Suburban oil filter

I can see some of the men in the audience nodding their heads in understanding. Yes, this is what you think it is. This the very rare Completed Honey Do List. You might find fault with the “X Fix Punching Bag” item. And “X” means cancelled, not completed. But, my son took his punching bag before I had a chance to fix it. So, even though it’s not marked with a plus sign indicating it’s complete, it’s also not a holdover that has to be done later.

I’d like to say I completed the list on a single Saturday, but it actually took a couple of days. I did complete the entire list within a week. My current Honey-Do list has filled up again. And, next Saturday I’m sure there will still be items left to carry over to the next week.

But, for one brief moment in time, I was done.

Stay safe

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