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Daddy’s Garage Is Open

April 23, 2021

You have one of THOSE?

My daughter came by to get her car worked on; oil change, body work and tire rotation. I had no idea she knew what an impact driver was. It’s one of my favorite tools. It was an extravagance, the driver, the spool and the compressor.

Why do you want your tires rotated?

The maintenance schedule says they should be rotated every six months, right?

My daughter has a nice car. Much nicer than mine. I own a 1996 Toyota Corolla. The body is rusted in spots. It has a big hole in the dash.

My daughter drives a 2014 Nissan Maxima. She bought it herself. She pays all the insurance herself. And she keeps it very clean.

Dad, this guy spilled juice all over the cup holder in the back seat. Well, he didn’t spill it, but he left it in the cup holder and then the cup broke and spilled all over.

I helped her clean out the cup holder. But, it made me think about my little girl. She’s my youngest daughter. She’s not much for working on cars. And yet, every 3000 miles she pestered me about “helping” to change her oil. She wants her tires rotated because it’s on the schedule. She complains if people mess up her car.

My daughter told me a story while “we” were working on her car. She said someone accused her of being a “daddy’s girl.” They assumed that her apartment, her nice car, even her two cats, were because her daddy provided it to her.

Did you tell them you’re an orphan? From India?

Daddy, they know I’m from India.


Well, then tell them you grew up with TWELVE brothers and sisters!

My point is that she’s worked hard for her success. And, of course, I’m really proud of her. Cars are my thing. Well, computers and writing. . .and cars. It’s gratifying to see her putting value in something I value.

Maybe she is a little bit of a daddy’s girl. After all, she was at my house getting free auto maintenance and repair.

Today, Daddy’s Garage was open late.

Stay safe

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  1. Patricia nelson permalink

    I was dressed to the nines. I pulled into the service station and said my cars low on water. The attendant looked at me and ask “what makes you think that pretty lady?” Cause my heater isn’t blowing warm air. How did I know that? I was a Daddy’s girl. Lucky Abuja!!! And lucky Dad.

  2. Eric permalink

    Baseball is your thing too! How’d you manage to forget to include that?

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