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Back To Class

January 28, 2021

I went back to school yesterday. It’s not exactly a school. But, it is a class. There’s tuition. There’s an instructor. Classes are held via Zoom with the instructor and the other people in the class.

Students can opt to take the full course, or simply audit. I chose to take the full class. That means I have homework, tests and I have to write three stories. Yes, it’s a writing class.

It’s called 318R. My friend Dave Wolverton is teaching it. It’s the same syllabus that he used when he taught at BYU. Hundreds of people have taken this class. You might have heard of some of the Stephanie Meyers, Brandon Mull, Dan Wells.

This class isn’t being offered through BYU. It’s being offered by Dave personally. There are three times it’s offered. My class meets on Wednesday nights. The course will take longer than normal to complete. At one day per week, we’ll finish up in August.

I’m taking this class to help with my writing. That’s not a big surprise. I’ve talked before about how I’m working on writing more this year. I don’t plan on stopping the blog.

But, I want to write more fiction, short stories, novels. Where will it go? Who knows. I have my goals, my plans. But, for now, I’m just worried about getting my homework done on time.

Stay safe

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