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No, THAT Isn’t The Same

January 27, 2021

Yesterday, I talked about being back in quarantine, (Same Stuff, Different Day.)

Today, is a different day (again.) But, the stuff today is different too. My son is COVID+. He’s also 18 years old and an athlete. His symptoms are mild. My other son was tested and he came back negative.

That leaves four of us in the house. Another son and a daughter aren’t showing any symptoms. I’m feeling great.

My lovely wife was also tested. Her results came back positive.

I’ve always thought that the terms negative and positive were backward. Negative should be a bad thing; a negative thing. You should look forward to positive things. You should dread the word positive as some sort of potential death sentence.

Maybe I’m being overly dramatic. Hopefully I’m being overly dramatic.

My lovely wife has preexisting health conditions. She’s high risk. Two days ago she was fine. Yesterday she was feeling down. Today. . .well, different day, different. . .stuff.

Stay safe

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