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Same Stuff, Different Day

January 26, 2021

Do you have a minute?

Working from home, the shoulder-tap interruptions typically come from family members. My lovely wife stopped by my office.

I was taking Jenson to MTEC and they tested him for COVID.


And he tested positive.

Well, this was different. . .and very, very familiar.

Our family has experienced COVID before. My daughter at BYU had it a few months ago. We found out while we were on a camping trip with her. We spent 10 days in quarantine.

And later another daughter and her family got it. They got it just as she was going into labor with her baby. Fortunately the baby didn’t catch it.

But, this time is different. This time, we aren’t just quarantined at home. Well, we are, but my son is COVID positive, so it’s not just about waiting until the test results come back. He’ll be in quarantine for ten days. So far, he’s staying in his room.

I sepnt a week in my room. A fellow mason at a meeting I attended was COVID positive.

So, we’ll wait the 7 days from last exposure before getting tested.
We had to figure out when the last exposure was? My son, obvioiusly lives here. Was today our last exposure? What if he hadn’t gotten tested until tomorrow, but he’s already positive today? Would tomorrow be our last exposure?

In the meantime, there’s lots that goes into preparing for a COVID lockdown. First we had to call everyone home. One was at a discount store where she volunteers. Another was at high school.

Then, we had to call everyone who might have come into contact with us, and especially Jenson. We’ve all gotten these calls before. It was different to be making them.

Did you remember the grandkids that came by on Sunday?

Yes, and yesterday others stopped by for just a minute.

Eventually, we got all the calls made. We ordered food delivered from WalMart. And we settled down to wait.

We’ve been through this before.

Same stuff. . .just a different day.

Stay safe

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