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Thoughts On The Tortoise And The Hare

January 29, 2021

You know the story, right?

A tortoise challenged a hare to a race. Why it wasn’t a turtle and a rabbit, I’m not sure. Except, I guess turtles are technically amphibious, so the tortoise being a land animal makes more sense. But, the casting director picked a hare, so we’ll go with the hare.

Anyway, the tortoise challenges the hare to a race. On the surface it seems pretty unfair. There’s no way a tortoise could compete with a hare. In fact, the world’s fastest tortoise, the Usain Bolt of tortoises wouldn’t stand a chance against even a three legged hare, or rabbit, either.

We’d all bet on the hare. Well, unless we’d heard the story and it’s a pretty well known story, so I guess the betting would be pretty even. The race starts and the hare gets off to a great lead. In fact, so much of a lead, he decides he can take a break. Obviously, the hare hasn’t run in a lot of races, because there’s plenty of time to rest after the race, but he decides to take a nap in the middle.

Meanwhile, Mr Terrapin keeps plodding away. At least that’s what it looks like to us. In the tortoise world he could be doing his best 100 yard dash. I mean, how would we know? Eventually, he gets close to the finish line. Just then the hare wakes up and sees he’s about to lose. He puts on a massive burst of speed as he streaks to the finish line.

Unfortunately for him, it’s too little too late. The tortoise bursts through the tape and is crowned the winner. Vindicating everyone who took the underdog and the points.

The lesson you are supposed to learn is to never give up. Even if you’re slow keep moving. I guess, you are also supposed to learn that if you are a really fast runner, wait until you finish the race to take your nap.

But, I had another thought. Both of them travelled the same distance. And for the poor turtle is was like running a marathon. He must have been exhausted. I wonder if he collapsed once he crossed that line.

It’s Friday after a long week. I’m feeling a lot like Mr Terrapin. I’m not sure if I won or not. I’m just happy to be across the line for one more week.

Stay safe

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