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Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

December 9, 2019

I adore my lovely wife. But, sometimes I could adore her a little less.

I’ll explain.

I’m working on a series of Christmas gifts. I have gifts for my grandkids and gifts for their parents; my kids and their spouses.

I did the grandkid gifts already. I made them from plywood. The cuts were sometimes a little rough, but I “fixed” it with multiple coats of paint.

I’ve moved on to the gifts for my kids. I was going to make them from plywood also. My lovely wife came out to the garage to check my progress.

Are you going to make the gifts for the kids from that playwood?

Yeah, I was planning to.

Don’t you think it would look nicer if you made it from solid wood? I mean, the ones for the grandkids are fine, but I thought you might want to make the rest a little nicer.

I was trying to do it with just the wood onhand.

Well, aren’t those boards in the corner solid wood?

Ah. . .

But, you go ahead and do it how you want.

I hate that. I did have a plan. I knew how I wanted to make them. And now I now a new way I want to make them. And it will take an extra few hours to draw them all over again on the solid wood pieces.

I just know you won’t be as happy with them if you don’t do your best.

Well, I would have been, but now that she’s mentioned it.

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