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My Vacation Starts Today. . .Or Maybe Tomorrow. . .Or Maybe Thursday

December 6, 2019

I am taking a few weeks off work. Starting tomorrow, I don’t have any more work days scheduled. Well, I have a short trip to Arkansas, but it’s two travel days and two days on site to help with a migration.

Other than that, I’m OOF.

OOF: O_ut O_f o_F_fice.

I’ve never understood why OOF became the abreviation for Out of Office. Maybe no one wanted to say they were going to be OOO. It makes more sense than the more recent phrase I’ve heard for being on vacation, “Out of pocket.” That’s not what that phrase means.

Out of Pocket: To need to pay for work related items out of your own pocket.

But, I’m not exactly sure when my vacation starts. I’m not even sure if it will start. I’m on call. I may have a quiet month with my family. Or I may spend hours and hours on the phone with people from five different states working through outages and problems.

I really can’t control whether we’ll have issues or not. It’s not really up to me. So, as we head into December, I’ll either have a wonderful vacation or spend the month working. It’s like reading a book with a surprise ending.

I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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