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Here We Come Bearing Gifts? But, What?

December 10, 2019

I’m enjoying my time off. I’m focused on building Christmas presents. My list is finally starting to get shorter, but I’m still anxiously watching the calendar and wondering if I have time to get all my projects done.

Still, I know what I want to make for people. I have it planned out. I know most will like it. All will be appreciative.

But, there’s another set of gifts that scare me to death. What do I get? Do I get anything at all? Who should I include?

This second group is the people I work with. Christmas can be a dangerous time for figuring out what to do and who to do it for.

Christmas bonuses are not as common as they were in my grandfather’s day. Still Christmas gifts are not uncommon. I worked for a religious organization at one point. The Christmas gifts from the company were religious books. A leather bound Bible one year. A leather bound hymnal the next. A leather bound book by an early church leader. They were thoughtful and I still have each one.

Other places I’ve worked have given gift cards. I honestly don’t remember what Microsoft used to give. But, they offered plenty of gifts during the year.

Most companies also do some sort of Christmas event. My team this year will be attending a showing of the new Star Wars movie. I worked for a company that used to do the traditional Christmas dinner for employees and spouses at a local restaurant. Honestly, while I appreciated the gesture, it wasn’t the best setup. Thirty people along a big long table meant it was loud and you could only talk to the people around you.

I like the movie ideas better. You don’t ask people to commit to an evening away from home, and the team members can choose to sit by and socialize with whomever they please.

Companies have typically figured out the gift giving. But, the employees often have to figure it out themselves. Last year I gave a bunch of the people I work with boxes of chocolates. That’s a safe gift. Even if they, like me, don’t eat candy, they can easily regift it to spouses or kids.

Most of my team does not work in the same location as I do. I’m not sure if I should try to send a gift. Then it takes on a whole new level of commitment.

In a way, I’m glad I have vacation scheduled for the rest of December. Maybe I can just pretend Christmas isn’t happening.

What does your company do for Christmas?

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