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Playing The Numbers Game

June 7, 2019


Five days per week. Fifty-two weeks per year for over six years.

That’s how many days/weeks/years I’ve been coming out here and scribbling a few lines and putting thoughts down.

Why is that number important?

Well, it’s really not. It’s not some special number. It doesn’t represent some special anniversary. It’s not even an exact number of weeks or years.

But, it’s important because it represents an unbroken chain. Many years ago my brother explained to me that the way you become an expert on the internet is a combination of persistance and presence. You show up, and keep showing up everyday.

It’s doesn’t matter how often you post to a blog. What matters is consistency. If you want to post three times per week, makes sure you post every week. If you are going to post once per week or once per month, the important thing is to maintain consistency.

That’s why I’ve made it a point to consistently update here. Of course, I try to add value to your day. I try to pick topics that will be educational, or entertaining, or at least interesting.

That’s why I don’t often post about blogging. Not that it’s not interesting, but if you are coming to this site, it’s probably not to find out how to be a better blogger.

So, I don’t post much about blogging. . .except for today.

After 1646 days, I thought I’d take a day.

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