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I Think The New Neighbors Are Going To Work Out Just Fine

June 10, 2019

It was not your typical lemonade stand. Oh sure, it had the typical card table, loaded with lemonade and cups. It was manned by two boys. They were probably about 8 and 6 years old. They even had a sign.

Lemonade: fifty cents

Pictures: $1

Turns out they were on commission. The eight year old was running the lemonade business, the six year old was the artist. They were new to our neighborhood. They’d moved into a house in a new development just one block over.

Their budding business empire was being watched over by mom and a future partner still in diapers occupying a stroller.

What can you draw?

Oh, I can draw anything you want.

His confidence was overwhelming. I also wondered what a six year old might specialize in. I opted for something safe.

Do you like the Avengers?


Who’s your favorite Avenger?

Probably the Incredible Hulk.

Why don’t you draw me a picture of the Hulk. Can you do that?

Sure. Give me a minute.

And as I sipped my lemonade, the pint-sized artist went to work on his sketchpad. It turned out he was in high demand. As he was finishing up mine, another car pulled up and another customer got his lemonade and asked about commissioning a piece.

I was worried that the artist might rush mine since he had another $1 commission lined up right behind me, but fortunately he produced a crayon masterpiece.

It could have been a movie poster.

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