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Now I’m Disappointed. . .And Motivated

June 6, 2019

Well, Rodney, what did you think of the first day of the summit?

Honestly? I’m disappointed.

You probably deserve a little background. I was supposed to be camping this week. All week. I planned this scout camp with my buddy for nearly a year. And then just a few weeks ago, work called a meeting for this week. Not just a meeting, a summit. And not just a summit. A two day summit.

Today was the first day. You want to know what I was doing yesterday? I was fishing in a high mountain lake. I helped a young 11 year old boy name Jason catch his first fish, a 9″ Rainbow Trout.

Tuesday, I got two trout, and my friend got a trout and surprisingly a stiped bass. Monday we didn’t fish, but we set up camp and enjoyed Payson Canyon’s portion of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

The weather has been perfect. The food has been excellent. The company has been inspiring. It’s been great!

And today I had to go to work. And the people running the meeting wanted to know what I thought?

Oh, it’s also helpful to know that the person in charge of the meeting was my boss’s boss’s boss. His title is Global CIO. (Now you understand why I couldn’t get out of the meeting.)

But, it wasn’t the missed day of fishing and playing in the mountains that disappointed me. In fact, the material that was covered in the summit was amazing. It’s going to help transform our business. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m glad I came.

But, I was disappointed because, another large account drove the innovation. That account did truly innovative things and then the company took it to share with the rest of us.

And that was the source of my disappointment. I realized that I like to be the innovator. I like it when it’s my account that is getting the credit for saving the company money and driving innovation.

I realized that somewhere I missed a chance to be the thought leader. I’m disappointed in myself.

However, the meetings also committed me to pushing for more innovation. I can’t wait to get back to work and start pushing for some of these new initiatives.

At the summit, each large account was also assigned an Executive Sponsor. The sponsor is supposed to work with the account owner to drive innovation and help overcome difficulties.

My sponsor? That same Global CIO.

Yeah, I’m disappointed, but I’m also hungry.

Good meetings will do that for you.

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