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English Is Weird. . .Vowel Version

October 25, 2022

We all know the rules, right? I’m talking about “a” vs “an.” You use “a” if the following word starts with a consonant. You use “an” if the following word starts with a vowel. It’s one of the simplest rules. Mostly because there are only 5 vowels.


No problem.

“A house.” (Because “h” is a consonant.) But, it’s an honor.

Wait, what? Sometimes it’s “an” before a consonant? But, vowels are easy; a, e, i, o ,u.

Okay, so it’s “an elephant.” Easy enough. Until it’s “a unicorn.” Really? the unicorn gets the “n”? We’ve got “an orange.” But, it’s “a ouija board.”

English is weird. Even the simple rules are complicated.

Stay safe

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