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But I Play One On TV

October 5, 2022

Just bypass everyone waiting in line and tell them at the checkin desk that you’re with the paper

Those were the instructions my editor gave me for my latest assignment.

That sort of sounds like what a reporter would say, don’t you think? Yeah, I did to. And that’s what I did. I went to Pleasant Grove high school this evening. And I walked past the line of students waiting to get into the sold out auditorium to watch the high school homecoming pageant.

I didn’t have a ticket. I didn’t need one. I got a seat in the front row. My view wasn’t as good as the three judges, but it was a great seat. And I took notes through the two hour performance. There are 23 girls competing for Pleasant Grove homecoming queen. Each performed a skit with the school group who sponsored them. The talent ranged from awkward amateur to “yeah, or dance team wins state and national competitions” level.

My editor also wanted pictures. Sure, it’s just my cell phone. Unfortunately the kids kind of rushed the stage after the event. I tracked down the student in charge of the event.

Lily, I need the queen and the attendants right here at the front of stage for pictures.

And just like that the four members of the royalty appeared before me. And posed for a picture, with the backdrop of the crowded stage behind them. After I got my pictures several other people appeared with cameras wanting pictures. I still needed one more thing.

Hey Lily, can I take these printouts of the biographies? Thanks. I’ve got all I need.

My editor has already said this story will be page one in next month’s paper. It’s almost like I’m a real reporter.

Stay safe

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