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I Hate Bullies

September 27, 2022

I mean, who doesn’t? Right?

But, sometimes you have to deal with bullies. In Hallmark, or Disney movies the shy kid gets bullied and eventually he stands up to the bully. We then find out the bully is really just misunderstood and everyone goes home happy.

I’ve never been in a Disney or a Hallmark movie.

In our dreams often we are the hero. We recognize the bullying and we stand up to the bully and “give him what he deserves!”

Never seen that happen in real life. At least not that cut and dried.

No, typically what happens is that you have to learn to live with your bully. I’m going to refer to the bullies as he/him. But, they can be women too, of course.

The worst situation is when the bully is in a position of authority over you. I had that happen at my last job. Anthony was a bully. He was intimidating. I worked at that job for years after encountering Anthony. Eventually he left and then I was COVID downsized.

It was a good thing. I got a job that paid better.

I’m dealing with another bully. Why are some people bullies, do you think? My lovely wife thinks it’s because I intimidate him. Maybe. I’ve been in business a long time. I’ve worked for some pretty prestigious companies.

I realized that with my last job I spent way too long “making it work.” I worked around Anthony. I did my job in spite of him. The truth is that I wasn’t helping myself. I was hiding. Kind of ironic. I was hiding BEHIND the bully.

But, really, life’s too short. Sometimes you HAVE to work with a bully. But, you don’t have to KEEP working for a bully. Go find a worse job with a better boss rather than stay with a better job and a worse coworker.

Take care of yourself first and the rest of it will work out. . .or, so I’m told.

Stay safe

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