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And We Were THANKFUL To Have It

February 24, 2022

It was 5 MPH. Stop and go traffic. Bumper to bumper. Not the funniest thing in a manual transmission car.

It snowed in Utah yesterday. And the snow screwed up the commute. My commute takes 30 minutes on a typical day. Yesterday it was almost double that. I drive a 1994 Toyota Corolla named Marcus Aurelius. It’s (he’s?) front wheel drive, but very light. And I have summer tires.

I’m a good driver. But, it was still a harrowing commute.

But, I was thankful for it.

When I got home from work, my driveway was buried under 6″ of the white stuff. My kids used to ask why we didn’t buy a snow blower.

I don’t need a snow blower. I have a lots of shovels. . .and plenty of kids.

I still have the shovels, but the kids are mostly gone now. Off to college, or missions, or just living their own lives. My lovely wife was gone. I was the only one home. So, I got one of the shovels and and I shoveled my 50 foot long driveway.

And I was thankful for it.

And then, I shoveled the driveway of the widow that lives across the street.

And I was thankful for it.

And then, I shoveled the 16 steps that lead up to my front door.

And I was thankful for it.

A neighbor uses his four wheeler with a blade to plow the sidewalk, so I was spared that chore.

And, of course I was thankful for that, too.

Utah is a desert. Which is kind of strange for a state that relies on skiing to bring in tourism. We get snow in the winter, but not a lot of rain in the summer.

Utahans have the same response any time someone mentions precipitation:

Well, we can certainly use the moisture.

I think it might even be a law that we are supposed to appreciate any precipitation.

So, as nerve wracking as today’s commute was I’m thankful for it. And hope we get a bunch more of them.

We can certainly use the moisture.

Stay safe

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