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My Dad Told A Joke Today

February 23, 2022

Let me be clear, my father passed away June 12, 2008. Fourteen years ago. And he wasn’t raised from the dead. Still he told a joke today.

My coworkers and I go out to get drinks each day. We typically go around ten o’clock. . .in the morning! And we go to get soda. A couple days ago we were talking about beards.

A couple people in our company has very full beards. Some of us are clean shaven. One coworker explained that he had trouble growing facial hair. One is bald, but has a beard. I’m the newest member of this drinking club. I don’t speak much. But, I chose to offer this to the conversation on facial hair.

My dad always used to say, “I never had to cultivate it under my nose because it grew wild under my arms.”

It got a good round of laughter and groans from the rest in the car. I added,

And THAT reaction is exactly why he would say it that way!

My coworkers never met my dad. How could they? And yet, for just a moment this week, my dad told them a joke.

Stay safe

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