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Don’t Worry About Someone Stealing Your Ideas

February 14, 2022

“Where do you get your ideas?”

The genius isn’t in the idea.

Every writer has been asked that question. But, it’s the wrong question. The real question is “Where DON’T you get your ideas?” Story ideas are literally everywhere.

Isaac Asimov was once challenged on this point. “Story ideas are simple to come up with,” he retorted. “In fact, I’ll come up with one right now and you can have it.”

He thought for a moment and said, “A society has become so dependent on computers that they no longer understand how to do simple math. The machines do it for them. A young scientist rediscovers mathematic principles and uses this knowledge to win the war.”

Asimov was so taken with his “throw away” story that later that night he called up the person he’d “given it” to and asked for it back. He published it in 1958 as “A Feeling of Power.”

I’ve never met a writer who was worried about someone stealing his ideas. The power isn’t in the idea, it’s in the ability to record it.

Stay safe

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