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The Bear And The Lady

November 24, 2021

Have you ever gotten credit, WAY too much credit, for something you didn’t really deserve?

I have a friend. My friend’s name is Bear. Seriously. That’s his name. He has ID and everything.

Anyway, Bear and I have been good friends for a long, long time. Bear is one of the nicest guys I know. But, if you were to meet Bear, you might make some initial guesses about him.

He looks a little like a bear. Big guy, given to jeans and t-shirts. He’s remodeling a house. A house that he’s also living in. It belongs to his mother. It’s a nondescript house with many things stacked in the front yard. When he gets done remodeling it, he intends to move out of the house and into a bus.

A 25 passenger bus.

In January.

It gets cold in Utah in January. I explained to Bear that I think this is a bad plan. But, Bear does what he thinks is right.

Bear is a man of many talents. . .I think most of them are legal. Bear also collects things. Not intentionally. But, have you ever noticed how leaves, for example, tend to collect in certain areas? Bear’s house is like that. I don’t mean he steals them. Nothing could be further from the truth. But, Bear just ends up with “stuff.”

Hey, Rodney, do you need a generator?

Excuse me?

I have like six portable generators. A couple need a little work.

That’s how I needed up with a portable generator.

I was visiting with Bear last week while retrieving my rototiller. . .which I originally got from him.

Do you need another car?


I’ve got this 2002 Saturn that is in good shape. I’m asking $3500, but you know, friends and family rate applies. I also have a 2001 Saturn. It needs an engine mount and it needs the new tires mounted.

How much for that one?

If you buy the 2002 I’ll throw this one in for free.

Nope. Got plenty of cars.

I really want them to go to someone who needs them.

I spent a lot of time at my local auto parts store. I don’t go to bars. But, if my lovely wife ever was looking for me on a Saturday, Pleasant Grove in O’Reilly’s might not be a bad place to look.

I use an assumed name. Well, not exactly. But, my neighbor, years ago, set up a corporate account, Cooper Automotive. Occasionally it saves me a couple of bucks on an alternator. It also gives me big official looking receipts rather than just the paper tape.

I went there today.

So, what are you working on?

Just an oil change.

I collected the filter and 5 quart of 5W-30 conventional oil and made my way to the counter.

Cooper Automotive isn’t a used car lot, is it?


No. Just a couple of backyard mechanics. Why?


The bank is taking my Jeep.


Sorry to hear that.


Yeah, I need another car and I really don’t have a lot of money.

It took a little work to convince her his name really was Bear.

Bear called me a few hours later.

I talked to Jessica from O’Reilly’s.


I thought she might call you. Were you able to make a deal?


Well, she put the manager on the line. He’s going to take care of the registration and the engine mount. Guess he really wants to keep her working there.


It was the 2001?


Yeah, we settled on a price of free-ninety-nine. I wanted to thank you.


For what?


You know I don’t need the money. I really wanted it to go to someone who could really use it. I just appreciate you helping me do that.

So, Jessica got a new (used) car.

Her manager got to keep a valuable employee.

Bear got to feel good about helping someone in need.

And me? I got WAY too much undeserved credit.

Stay safe

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