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I’m Not That Good Of A Writer

November 23, 2021

Good writers can pick a topic, research it and then write about it.

Great writers can follow that pattern regardless of what else is happening in their world.

I’m not that great.

I had a whole topic laid out. It was all about the benefit/harm of stress. It was all about how stress makes life while the lack of stress, is (possibly) not as a fulfilling.

Ha ha. Jokes on me.

My mother called tonight. My older brother Charles Bliss passed away in his sleep. Charles lives alone. My mother checked up on him. It was a classic case of “Haven’t heard from him.” The police did a wellness check and discovered he’d passed in his sleep.


You bet! This is the part that I was going to describe as really living. My sister, Jennifer Bliss passed away last September 2020. Just over a year ago.

Yes. The stress, conflict and drama are what define us as having a life.

I just didn’t want to be reminded of it today.

It’s still raw. No doubt I’ll find something clever to write about later. It’s what writers do. We write. We write when we get a new job. We write when we get fired. We write about the snow and we write about the sun. The world is our canvas and we have no end of words to describe it. We write when we are happy.

And we write when we are sad.

Rest In Peace, brother. Your pain is at an end. Hug Jennifer for me and may the loving arms of Jesus hug you both.

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