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Nobody Cares. . .But We Track It Anyway

November 2, 2021

I was recently reviewing some old journals. And I was struck by a useless piece of information that I included on a much too regular basis.


Seriously, why? I don’t get it. I mean, I do. I love to check the temperature. We have a lot of canyons here in Utah. Canyon weather is much different than valley weather. As we enter a canyon I’ll check the temperature. (Of course my car can track the temperature. . .why else would you have a car?) And I make the kids guess how much the temperature will drop by the time we get to our destination.

Okay, truthfully, I guess. The kids don’t care. It’s not unusual for the temperature to drop 10 degrees or more on a trip up the canyon.

The local high school and junior high display the temperature. They display it to the tenths of a degree.

Tenths! Like anyone can tell the difference between 51.1 and 51.2 degrees. And as I drive by the high school I check to see how close the temperature reported on the school sign is to the temperature reported by my car. Sometimes, if my neighbor is with me he checks the weather station that he has at his house.

And it doesn’t just intrude on our daily activities. Many of us, myself included, feel that the temperature is important enough to record in journals. I am not sure why it was important for me to know that on June 26, 2007 it was 99 degrees in Nauvoo, IL.

Oh, and for the record it was 60.5 degrees on the high school board today. Cool and breezy. . .you know just in case I’m reading this later and want to know.

Stay safe

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