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The Strange Weather In Our Virtual Meeting

November 9, 2020

I said hello to my boss when I arrived at work today.

Good Morning, Peter. Welcome to a new week!

ha, good morning Rodney.. my new week as has started with flooding and high winds here in florida

Are you okay in your area?

so far, im sure power will go out eventually.

My week started with 2″ of snow on my lawn. Winter has come to Utah. . .Finally

you like the winter months?

Fall is really my favorite. I don’t mind the snow. And I live right up against the base of a Utah, so snow is part of what we plan for.

i miss seasons, we don’t get it down here

Are you from FL?

nah. Chicago

Wow, that is a change. I lived in Chicago for a couple of years. Coldest weather I ever experienced was -78 (with wind chill, of course) Utah gets pretty mild winters. I don’t need anything. Just htought I’d say hello to start off the week.

thanks man, lets knock this week out of the partk!! 2020 is almost over

I’ve never met my boss. Not in person. We’ve worked together for nine months. We started just before the pandemic hit. I used to sit right next to my previous boss. We were in the same building. We’d talk daily. He was a huge sports fan. We had hallway conversations about random topics. Nothing really important. But, the kind of conversations that build relationships.

That’s hard to do in a virtual environment. Too often we only reach out when there’s a question, or worse a problem. We come together to solve the problem and then we go back to not talking.

The topics aren’t important. It’s the shared experience of telling stories that is valuable. Even if it’s as simple as talking about flooding and snow. . .3000 miles apart.

Stay safe

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