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I Don’t Have Any Children Anymore

November 6, 2020

Today the last of my children left. I still have five living at home. But, they aren’t children anymore. Today my youngest two children, twin sons, had their 18th birthday.

Of course, my children are still and always will be my kids. But, they aren’t kids. Not anymore. My son laughed as he passed me on the stairs,

It’s weird to think that I can go to jail now.

Well, I wouldn’t put that on your bucket list.

The boys are still in high school, so for the next several months not a lot will change. They have plans. One is planning to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints shortly after he graduates. He then wants to attend Utah State University and study law enforcement.

He’ll make a good cop.

The other has different plans.

I want to be an auto mechanic. . .like my dad.

I’m a backyard mechanic. I’d call me a hack. Mostly self taught courtesy of a lot coaching from my neighbor and youtube videos. Oh, and a healthy dose of “What’s the worst that can happen?”

But, my son won’t go that route. He’ll go to school. (He’s already applied and been accepted.) He’ll learn the theory and then put it into practice. He’ll be one of the guys making the youtube videos.

I’m proud of both of my boys. I’ve watched them grow up. Watched them play basektball and football. I’ve watched them join Cub Scouts and get their Arrow of Light and then become Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts.

I watched them think girls were “ickie.” And then I watched them go on dates. I watched them go to dances and parties.

It’s not the first time one of my kids has crossed from childhood to adulthood. In fact, it’s happened 11 times before now. My oldest is 30 and has kids of her own. The rest of them are spread out from 30 down to the twins.

I didn’t think their birthday would affect me. We have ten beautiful grandkids. And I’m happy to move on to the role of grandfather. And my sons are turning into good men. So good it makes me almost not miss the good boys they were. . .almost.

Happy birthday, boys. Welcome to being a grown-up.

Stay safe

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