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All Corona All The Time

March 13, 2020

Every story.

Every post.

Every comment.

Every newscast.

Yep, wall to wall coverage. My son spent the night at a friend’s house. They are both a couple of years out of school and preparing to serve missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

So, you spent the night at Tony’s house?

Yeah, we were up pretty late.

What were you doing?

Watching videos about the virus.

I tried to explain that’s not healthy. In 2001 after the September 11 attack, the news was, naturally, saturated with coverage of the attacks. We later found out that it wasn’t healthy, especially for young kids.

Was it kind of scary?

Yes. The airplanes hit the buildings. . .over and over again.

And today the virus hit my company. Oh no, not physically, fortunately. But, we are a telecommunication company. While some of our clients in the past had work from home (WAHA) agents, now every client wants a WAHA strategy. And they want it soon. I mean immediately. I mean they want it yesterday. Or maybe last week.

We are living in a crazy time. We started our WAHA project as a proof-of-concept project on Monday. Today, Friday, we are to the point of planning implementations and we have a queue of clients waiting their turn to get moved to a WAHA strategy.

Because the project, like the virus, as escalated so quickly, it has consumed all our people, all of our resources and all of our time. We now have all day meetings scheduled. They have no published agenda, just a list of clients.

Do this client first. As soon as you’re done move on to this next client. Rinse and repeat all day long. Repeat again tomorrow.

You mean Saturday?

Of course. And the day after that. And repeat until complete.

It’s funny, really. The church has cancelled all services and gatherings. The schools just announced they are closing for two weeks. Businesses are implementing work from home. And instead of slowing down, my job is speeding up.

In fact, I’m headed into the office tomorrow. Not even working from home on a Saturday. We need to test the configuration for our client and that’s got to be done in person.

Stay safe. But, if you can, turn off the TV. Log out of the computer. Watching the virus coverage 24×7 isn’t healthy.

As for me? I’ll be headed into a building full of hundreds of agents to focus on the virus.

Definitely not healthy.

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