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Not What I Signed Up For

March 12, 2020

May you live in interesting times
– Chinese Proverb

You’ve probably heard this expression before. Maybe you’ve even felt like you were living in the interesting times. The phrase is never considered a blessing. It is considered a curse.

We are currently living through an event unprecedented in our lifetimes. We are on the cusp of a potential worldwide pandemic that could change life as we know it. The virus came from China. We don’t really know much more than that. And the Chinese are not known for being particularly forthcoming.

Will the virus be overblown? Another “potential pandemic” that is easily contained and quickly forgotten? Or, will we be telling our grandchildren about the 2020, the year the pandemic hit?

The ironic thing about the “Chinese” proverb? It’s probably not even Chinese. It has become a phrase embraced by the world.

But, the virus was definitely Chinese. But, it has also come to belong to the world.

Be safe out there my friends. The times are interesting and we’re here.

Rodney M Bliss is an author, columnist and IT Consultant. His blog updates every weekday. He lives in Pleasant Grove, UT with his lovely wife, thirteen children and grandchildren.

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  1. Unfortunately this is not overblown; 140,000 infected and 5400 deaths worldwide and we are on the leading edge of the curve. The pandemic designation must have come after you wrote the blog.

    It is indeed interesting times. This has political consequences as well, because they one thing you do not do with a disaster is minimize, dismiss and lie about the consequences. It’s been a trope since at least the first ‘Jaws’ movie. The US is not alone in being foolish about this but we cannot control the reaction other countries have except set an example.

    • Watching some of the press conferences reminds me of a scene from a disaster movie.

      • For good reason. It is a disaster. Thankfully the mayor – er, President has agreed to take steps. Late, but not as late as might be. Was just reading about Italy which also tried to pretend nothing was wrong. 15,000 infections and a thousand dead, and the infection rate was still on the exponential part of the growth curve. Both are likely to double as it doesn’t count the numbers already infected and incubating, but after next week they will start to drop off. Waiting another week would have doubled the count immediately.

        Stay safe, limit your exposure and protect that large and wonderful family of yours.

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