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You’ve Never Met A Boring Person. . .Really!

August 26, 2019

You don’t believe me. Because I haven’t met the person you are thinking of right now. He was really boring. Seriously, the man could put a three year old on a sugar high into a stupor in minutes!

Here’s the thing. That person, that boring person? I can guarantee he has a favorite movie. He has a memorable vacation. He has a story of love lost. . .or won. He has a childhood story, or a brush with fame, or a near death experience.

That boring person has a life. And life is inherently interesting.

I have been told that my life is interesting. That may be true. I’ve been lost in a rain storm on the Arabian pennisula. I went to five different schools in the fifth grade. My father was a professional gambler. I’ve travelled to multiple countries adopting my children. I’ve also had family that struggled wiht mental illness. Abuse has been too much a part of my life.

At one point I thought everyone had experiences like mine. I didn’t view my life as all that unusual. Because I found other people just as interesting as they seemed to find my background. I just assumed I was a better storyteller.

It turns out my life may have had a few more ups and downs than the average bear. But, that doesn’t change the fact that I still find other people fascinating.

Not everyone is a natural storyteller. But, if you can be an active listener, if you can ask interesting questions, if you can get people to open up a little, you’ll find that everyone is interesting. Everyone has a story to tell. Many stories. You just have to be willing to ask them for it.

Rodney M Bliss is an author, columnist and IT Consultant. His blog updates every weekday. He lives in Pleasant Grove, UT with his lovely wife, thirteen children and grandchildren.

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