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The 2,500+ Mile Hike I’m Making Today

August 23, 2019

I got up this morning determined to go hiking. It’s an end-of-summer hike I’ve been planning with my kids for weeks. It’s thousands of miles. We’ll be back tomorrow.

This morning, I got at 5:00AM in Port St Lucie, Florida. I watched the sunrise over the Atlantic ocean. My hike is in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

Here’s the route:

1. 48.6 miles by car from Port St Lucie to West Palm Beach airport
2. 599.6 miles by Boeing 757 from PBI to Atlanta (648.2 cummulative)
3. 1,872.9 miles by Boeing 757 from Atlanta to SLC (2,521.1 cummulative)
4. 42.3 miles by car from SLC international airport to my house (2,563.4 cummulative)
5. 0.7 miles from my house to the Grove Creek Canyon trailhead (2,564.1)
6. 6.3 miles by foot from Grove Creek trailhead to Indian Springs. And we will be climbing 2,657 feet in elevation, about a half mile (2,570.7)
7. .7 miles from Indian Spring to The Meadow where we’ll camp (2571.4)
8. About 2.2 miles from The Meadow to the Curley Springs turn off (2,573.6)
8. 5 miles from the Curley Springs turn off to the Dry Canyon Trailhead , and a further drop of about 1,407 feet (2,578.6)
9. 4.7 miles by car from the Dry Canyon Trailhead back to my house (2,583.3 Total miles)

Considering my wakeup time was 3:00AM Mountain Time, I’m planning on sleeping very well tonight.

The weater is gorgeous and we might take some pictures for next week.

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