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Travel Hack. . .Don’t Check That Bag

August 12, 2019

Want to save $25?

I travel for business. My company pays for the travel, of course. They make it very easy to book travel and get reimbursed for expenses. In fact, I never even even see the expense for the airline tickets.

Like any business, we try to limit expenses, but the company is good at approving legitimate expenses. One of the ones I save them from? Baggage fees.

You know how airlines cahrge you $25 to check a bag? Here’s how to avoid that every time. Never check a bag. That’s sounds simplistic, but it’s true.

Most planes currently fly 100% full. But, there’s not overhead space for 100% of the passengers. As they get toward the end of boarding process, they start to run out. And that’s where you save $25. The airlines will ask for volunteers to check their bag. . .for free.

It gets checked through to your final destination.

If you do choose to carry on your bag, here’s a second quick hack. When people place a bag in the overhead bin, they tend to place it above their current seat. That’s a mistake. Not as big of a mistake as placing it behind your seat. If you are in row 20, never put your bag further back than row 20.

When people start to get off the plane, you will have to wait for everyone to get off before you can get your bag. But, you also don’t want to place your bag too far in front of your seat. There have been cases of people’s very nice expensive bag walking off the plane before they did. And then it’s lost among the 40,000 other people at the airport.

So, the trick is to put it close to you. So, why not right above you?

Because you can’t see it. Instead, always put it in the overhead across the aisle from your seat. That way, when the overhead is opened, you can see your bag even if you cannot yet reach it. And, you are going to have a much easier time pulling it out of the overhead.

Safety that you can exercise as part of your daily routine just makes good sense. . .and who doesn’t want to save $25?

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