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I’m Going To The Mountains. . .Sorta

May 31, 2019

Two years ago, I was in nasty car accident. I drove my car into a creek. (Anything Is Amphibious if You Can Get It Back Out Of The Water.)

It was Bennion Creek. There’s a campground there. My friend Juan and I organized a scout camp there two years ago. We decided to organize another one this year. Honestly, Juan did most of the organizing. But, I help where I can.

I fixed his truck so he can pull the trailer. That’s the kind of “help” I’ve been.

Anyway, the camp is next week Monday through Saturday. But, it’s not at Bennion Creek. The road that claimed my car two years ago is even worse this year. I was planning to take my Yukon SUV. Unfortunately, not even my all wheel drive SUV can get past a washed out road.

So, we changed the venue. From Spanish Fork canyon, we moved one canyon to the South. We are now planning to camp in Payson Canyon. It has paved roads, and we’ll be at a lake with fish in it.

But, the changes didn’t stop there.

We’ve been planning this thing for a year.

A month ago people at work announced a global conference for support teams working with large accounts was going to be held in Salt Lake City. . .next Thursday and Friday.

Because the teams working with large accounts are all over the world, the option exists for dialing in remotely. I decided I could probably take some time out and dial in from the scout camp.

Lydia, I’ll be dialing in to the conference.

You’re going to dial in? But, Rodney, you’re LOCAL!

Lydia is one of the people from corporate whose opinion carries a lot of weight. I’ve now decided I’ll be at scout camp on M-W and I’ll be in SLC Thursday and Friday.

So, I’m going camping next week and I’m going to a global company summit. I’m only going to request three vacation days, but I’m pretty sure at least one or two of those will end up as work days.

So, next week, I’ll be going to the mountains. . .sort of.

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