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After The End Credit Scene

May 30, 2019

Go home. . .it’s over!

The first End Credit Scene I ever remember was at the end of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. After all the credits have rolled, the screen went blank. Then, a door opens. Ferris Bueller walks out in his bathrobe and tells us all to leave the theater.

I’m old enough to have seen FBDO in theaters. I don’t remember why we were waiting around. Maybe my friends and I were simply talking. Maybe we were waiting for traffic to clear out. Whatever the reason, it was a complete surprise to see the End Credit Scene.

Current movies, especially Marvel movies have turned End Credit Scenes into an important marketing tool. The only question is how many End Credit Scenes a movie will have.

They’ve become so common, in fact, that when Avengers Endgame didn’t have an End Credit Scene, it became noteworthy.

But, what comes after the End Credit Scene? You leave the theater. Throw away your paper popcorn bucket and get on with your life. The brief suspension of your disbelief is complete. Time to get back to normal stuff.

The last month at work has been an IT Adventure movie. Some stuff I can tell. Some I’ll never tell. But, it’s pretty much complete.

Like any good adventure movie, I bounced from crisis to fire to executive briefing without time to slow down much.

Now, I’m back to my normal job cadence. I found myself today, wondering what crisis I was supposed to be focused on. It was unsettling when I couldn’t figure out which one was most pressing. . .because I didn’t have a pressing crisis.

If life has any sense of irony, about the time I get comfortable with my work/life balance again, something will blow up and catch on fire.

But, then explosions are a part of good action movies. Until that one starts I think I’ll take Ferris Bueller’s advice and just go home.

It’s over. (For now, anyway.)

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