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Cars And Phones. . .Totally Not Cool

April 11, 2019

Everything old is new again
– All that Jazz

You know how some things are so old they are cool, like vintage? My stuff isn’t like that. My stuff is just old. Mostly cars and phones.

I recently bought a new car. My old car was a 1996 Lexus. My new car is much better. It’s a 2004 Yukon. My son recently got rid of his car as he prepares for a mission. It was a Chrysler New Yorker 5th Avenue. A nice car. Or it probably was back in 1992 when it was new.

We sold my daughter one of our cars. It’s a 2001 Honda Civic. We sold another son a car, 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix.

I own a truck. It has a few issues with the Transfer Case, but that’s probably expected. it’s a 1996.

I’ve never been impressed by cars. Sure, I love to look at nice cars, but I’m not really too worried about what I drive. That attitude extends to other areas in my life as well.

My phone, for instance. I have an android phone. I had an iPhone once. My mother was upgrading her phone and gave me the old one. I already had a perfectly good android phone and really wasn’t interested in learning a new OS. I gave it to my neighbor for helping me fix cars.

It might have been the same phone that I have now. Honestly, I really don’t think about it. We’re considering switching the entire family to iPhones. It’s not a status thing. But, with teenagers, we think the iPhones will give us better control over their online access.

It will have to be newer iPhones. We’ll get over it, I guess.

What’s strange about my cars is that most of them qualify for a vintage license plate. A car that is older than 20 years is an “antique. An antique car can get a special Utah license plate. It even has an antique car on it.

It’s a nice looking antique car. It’s a classic. It’s nothing like any of my cars. Other than IRONMN they were mostly run of the mill family style cars. Hundreds of thousands of miles, lots of after-market parts. Not the kind that comes from Mopar. The kinds that come form pic-a-part.

We do have one newer car. It’s a 2012 Chevy Express 15 passenger van. It was very valuable when we had 13 kids at home.

We’re planning to sell it.

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