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Dear Emotional Runt: You Are An Idiot

March 6, 2019

Yesterday I talked about an exercise that my therapist asked me to do. I was to write a letter from my emotional side to my intellectual side and one from my intellectual side to my emotional side.

This is the letter from my emotional side to my intellectual side.

Dear Rodney:
You’re an idiot. No, you’re not stupid. Not in terms of intelligence. You might even be a genius. But, emotionally you’re an idiot.

You pride yourself on “Standing Outside The Fire” as Garth Brooks would say. You work each day like it might be your last. Why? So you won’t be emotionally hurt when you get fired.

I’m sure you have a nice cost/benefit analysis, or risk/reward workup, or pro/con strategy all worked out. It’s fake. You’re scared to care too much. Don’t want something too much and you won’t be too disappointed when you don’t get it. You’re the emotional designated driver, so concerned with not getting hurt that you never really get to enjoy the party.

Is there really anything that can emotionally reach you? Death of a child? A child’s mission call? Spouse sickness?

You always have to have a clear path to the exit. Don’t want to get trapped. I wonder why not? What’s the harm in shooting for the stars? You might miss? You might crash and burn? You might look foolish? You might come to depend on someone else, really need them and they will let you down?

Take a chance

you might as well already be dead if you aren’t going to embrace life.


Your Emotionally Suppressed Other Half

Not sure if I get to argue with myself over it.

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