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The Fight Between Love And Brains

March 5, 2019

I want you to write a letter from the emotional side of your personality to the intellectual side and another from the emotional side to the intellectual side.

The request came from a therapist. She was my therapist. I’d been dealing with anxiety issues. Therapy and a mild prescription for Lexapor, and I was doing better. Doing better at working through my issues. But, I still had issues.

The thing about therapy is like going to the doctor for a mild cough and during the exam they diagnose high blood pressure, a cancerous mole and a fractured tibia.

You start working on the cough, but naturally you also start addressing the other issues.

People meeting me would not describe me as emotionally distant. I’ve had lots of practice working with people. I’ve done training, hours of it. I’ve performed in front of people, hundreds of times. I’m really good at conversation. (BTW, the key is asking questions and then really listening to the other person’s responses.)

But, it’s an act. What’s weird is that it’s a really good act and it’s an act I at out every day.

Know how you feel good about something? You act like you feel good about it and hope no one notices.

My therapist thinks I keep my emotions repressed. She’s right of course. But, hey, it’s worked so far.

Well, I’m sitting in a therapists office getting ready to write letters to myself personifying two sides of my personality.

So, maybe it didn’t work as well as I think.

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