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My Kids Are Hardcore. . .Whether They Want To Be Or Not

February 7, 2019

(I originally meant to post this yesterday. . .the storm knocked out my internet connection.)

It snowed a little in Utah last night. We got a dusting of a few inches. . .about ten.

Don’t worry. We’re used to it. We get about 62 inches of snow per year. The rest of the USA gets about 26 inches on average per year. At least that’s what Google says. Pretty sure Arizona is bringing that average down. But, still, we like snow in Utah. We even put it on our license plates.

My kids have to shovel the driveway before school. It’s not just a chore we assign. It’s also practical. We have cars that need to get kids to school. And they sit in the driveway.

This morning, one of my sons came back in after a few minutes.

That stuff isn’t coming off the driveway.


It’s like a foot deep out there. It’s really hard to get off.

Yes, that’s why we gave you shovels.

I went out and helped. Yup, it was deep. Still not as heavy as it is in Washington or California. But, heavier than the normal powder we typically get.

About 10″ of the white stuff

After the driveway we moved on to shoveling the sidewalks

Recently I talked about the fact that Your Snow Days Aren’t Like Our Snow Days. And today showed that. In a surprising announcement, Salt Lake School district cancelled school for a snow day. Many surrounding districts also cancelled.

Driving was terrible. Even with the plows and the salt trucks, it took hours for the roads to start to show through the ice and snow. Lots of the snow was piled along the sides of the streets. Travel was so bad that the garbage company announced that their trucks would not be able to make their rounds.

You know what wasn’t cancelled? Alpine School District classes. That’s the largest school district in Utah and also happens to be the one that my kids attend. My neighbor is a teacher. She told me that in her 23 years of teaching, there’s been only one snow day. (That must have been some storm.)

My neighbor went to work today.

My lovely wife is a teacher’s aid. . .in Alpine School district.

She went to work today.

My kids went to school today.

All the kids in the district went to school today. My kids attend Pleasant Grove High School. At Lone Peak High School, their rival school, a kid got in an accident on his way to school. His mother is now sueing the district for not cancelling school. At least that’s the rumor.

The kids at the high schools set up an Instagram account specifically for the purpose of complaining about the district.

Let’s put aside our differences to focus on a common enemy. . .the district

As of this afternoon 2000 people were following it and 6000 memes had been posted to the account. They complained, but you know what? They complained from school.

Our kids are pretty hardcore that way.

And we really don’t cancel school because of snow.

More snow expected tonight.

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