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Our Snow Days Aren’t Like Yours

February 4, 2019


It’s two words that kids love to hear. I grew up in Western Washington. If we were lucky, we got one or two snow days per year. There is a major Pacific storm pummelling the Puget Sound area tonight. Many of my friends are posting pictures and videos of 12″ or more of snow in the Olympia, Washington area.

The kids are excited. School will be cancelled. I responded to my friend online.


Two words that are never heard in Utah.


Here in Utah, we like snow. You might say some of us love snow. But, what we don’t do is get intimidated by snow. We don’t cancel stuff because of snow.

I’ve seen it so cold that school wouldn’t send the kids out to play at recess.

It’s been so snowy that the school busses couldn’t make it up the hills.

But, we don’t cancel school.

The Pacific NorthWest storm is on it’s way here. They are predicting 8-12″ of wet snow. Most of our Utah snow is dry. It’s like dust or powder. It’s great for skiing and it’s a breeze to shovel.

This oncoming storm will be met and heavy. And if we get the predicted 12″ it will be a mess to drive in tomorrow.

But, I know one thing. . .they won’t cancel school.

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