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Working Yourself Out Of A Job

October 30, 2018

I should be in Vicksberg. We have a call center there. Normally that’s where I would be this week. But, I’m not. I’m still here in Salt Lake City. We are adding a new line of business in Vicksberg.

We have over twenty lines of business across all our call centers. In the past, the pattern has been the same. The IT team (that’s me and a bunch of others) make preparations to route the new call type to our new call center.

We start with our training classes typically about a month before the GO LIVE date. I’m typically there for the start of training. We try to prepare well enough that nothing will go wrong, but if something unexpected happens, I’m the one that the team looks to to fix it.

After training is complete, I come back for the GO LIVE. It’s typically a big deal. The GO LIVE is stressful for me. Nothing should go wrong. We test and we check, but things still might go wrong. Until we’ve taken the first call, I don’t really relax.

Anyway, that’s the way it typically goes. It’s not going that way this time. Last year we made a major change to our architecture. We spent 18 months moving our call routing to the cloud. It was a major undertaking. Our new architecture centralized the administration of our tools.

Now, instead of changes at our local center, all the changes are done online. Agents who supported one line of business can have their profiles updated and quickly be switched to another. We worked hard to design a system that was management, but most of all stable and secure. We built well.

I no longer need to be on site when we start a training class for a new line of business. As we looked forward to the launch, I realized there was literally nothing for me to do.

The training launch went very well. As expected. In a month or so, we’ll be ready for the GO LIVE. It’s still undetermined if we will need IT to travel to Vicksberg for the GO LIVE.

If not, I really have worked myself out of job. . .or at least part of it.

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