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Year In Review: 2017

January 2, 2017

No, I didn’t screw up that headline. This post is all about how 2017 turned out. I realize it’s the first week of January, 2017. It’s a time for looking forward, not looking back. Last week, I did my annual “Best Of. . .” list with the top 5 stories from the past year. Today, you might expect a set of goals or resolutions for 2017. That’s my plan

. . .sort of.

Every year at Christmas, my family has a tradition called The White Stocking. We write down a gift we want to give the Savior for the coming year. and we tuck it into a small white stocking that hangs on our tree. We’ll pack it away and next year after Thanksgiving, we’ll pull it out and with the rest of the Christmas decorations and hang it on the tree. Then, one day in December, we’ll pull out our goal and see how close we came, whether it was to be a better person, finish an important goal, or whatever. We don’t share the goals with each other. It’s just for us.

I intend to do something similar with this blog this year. I’ve written two entries today. This one that you are reading now and a second one that is scheduled to be published Friday, December 22, 2017. I’m writing the Ghost of Christmas Future post as if it were the end of 2017. What is it that I think I will have accomplished? What were some of the big events in my life?

Maybe the post will be completely wrong. (Most of my predictions are.) Maybe it will be motivation to me to help me make some of those goals come true.

I promise you, the readers, that I’ll publish it unedited, although, I’ll probably include it in a longer post with some context.

So, here’s to all of us having a happy, productive and safe 2017. (What a year it was!)

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