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Best Of 2016 #1: Why I No Longer Want To Collect All The Things

December 30, 2016

They were perfect and I gave them away.

I’m not surprised that this post was the most popular of 2016. It talks about Howard Tayler and his online comic, Schlock Mercenary. His fans are passionate about Schlock Mercenary and they happily support anyone who will also talk about the comic.

This post also revealed, I think, something more about my motivation and how I value things. And I’m not sure I liked what it showed. If a picture is to be looked at, and a song is to be sung and a movie is to be watched, it makes sense that a book is to be read. I had lost sight of that.

Oh, the title of this post comes from an interview I did with Howard a few years ago. When he was explaining that the story of Schlock Mercenary will eventually come to an end, he said,

Then, those of you who want to collect all the things will be able to.

I didn’t realize what that was supposed to mean until much later.

Why I No Longer Want To Collect All The Things

I ended up trading those perfect books for a complete collection of Schlock volumes 1-12 that I gave to my oldest son for Christmas. Here’s a picture of them sitting on my son’s bookshelf.

They look much better than they would buried in a box.

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