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May You Live In Interesting Times

December 1, 2016

What does that mean, “May you live in interesting times”? I always heard it was a Chinese saying. (That’s not true.) I’ve also heard it was not a blessing, but a curse. (That’s true.) I’ve also used it far more than I ever thought I would to describe my own life.

I’m always conscious when I’m writing these entries, that while I have people who are interested in hearing what I say each day, (By the way, that thought still surprises me. Thank you.) I am also throwing these words out into the void. I have no idea where or when they might resurface. That thought keeps me cognizant of need for discretion. I try to tell my stories and let others tell theres.

My life got a lot more interesting yesterday. I went to court for what was supposed to be a routine court update for someone I know. The review went a way that none of us expected and the result was that the judge placed an 18 month old child in the care of my lovely wife and myself.

I’m a grandfather. I’m a dad. I like being a dad. I like being a grandfather. My youngest child at home is 14 years old. When kids get to be teenagers, they have different challenges. You worry about curfews, and internet access. Dating and respect.

We were well past the diaper stage.

Last night, we woke up a couple of times to a baby crying for the first time in decades. This morning, I got to play “airplane” with spoons full of applesauce as I attempted to feed a small child who preferred to be entertained rather than fed.

Interesting times indeed.

Buckle up, Buttercup!

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