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If You Want Something Done, Ask A Busy Person

December 2, 2016

Dost thou love life Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.”
-Benjamin Franklin-

I haven’t always followed the advice of Dr Franklin. But, I have discovered that the more I have to do, the more I get done. If I have only one thing to get done today, I might not complete it. If I have three things to get done today, I’m probably going to get that one thing done. If I have 30 things to do today, I’m going to plow through at least 10-15 and make a real run at that last half.

The key, of course, is that I better prioritize my time. I take fewer breaks (otherwise known as distractions.) I create a plan. I love lists. As someone with adult ADHD, lists are the greatest thing in the world to keep me on track and focused.

Who makes a list and puts a single item on it? If I have only one thing to get done, I don’t make a list. I just remember it. And I’m going to work on it. . .eventually.

But, I can’t remember 30 things. I have to write them down, and the process of writing them down means that I prioritize them. And by prioritizing them, I make a place for them in my schedule. And once I have a schedule, I’m off and running.

I don’t know why other people get more done if they have more to do. Maybe they’re like me. Maybe they have their own system that works for them. I just know that if you need something done right away, you should find a busy person.

I’d write more, but I have to move on to number 12 on the list right now.

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