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A Worldwide Holiday

November 11, 2016

Sometimes my sons surprise me. Today was one of those days. I’m typically the first one up at my house. I shower and get dressed as quietly as possible and slip out before anyone else is up. I catch a 6:08am train and am typically at my desk by 7:00. 

So, it was surprising this morning as I headed out a little before six to see my sons coming back in from outside. 

Whatcha doin, guys?


And with that they trooped off to get ready for school. Out scout troop does a fund raiser every year involving flags. For a $25 donation, the troop will put a flag up on your lawn on six holidays per year. My boys, without being prompted, had gotten up extra early to fulfill their duty. The flags go up on the following holidays,

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Flag Day
  • Independence Day
  • Memorial Day 
  • Veterans Day

The flag code says that if a flag is unlit it should only be displayed during daylight hours. My boys were out well before sunrise, but I’m not sure anyone was going to complain to waking up to a flag in their yard. I certainly wasn’t going to object to them getting an early jump on the day. Of the list above only New Years and Veterans Day are holidays that are also celebrated outside the United States. 

Veterans Day is also the only day that has a unique time specified.

November 11, 11:11am

That was the day and time when The Great War ended. In two years we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the end of what was called at the time, the “War to End All Wars.” 

Sadly, the name was inaccurate. In fact, we had to start numbering them to keep track. So long as we must fight wars, I’m grateful for the men and women in this country and countries all around the world who willingly put themselves in harms way to protect our way of life and the freedoms we enjoy. 

To the veterans, we salute you.

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