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…And More Pictures Of Southern Utah (Dang Canyon)

October 21, 2016

The thing about going up, is that you have to then go down. Yesterday I showed you some pictures of our trip up Ding Canyon outside of Goblin Valley State Park in Southern Utah. What goes up has to come down and we went up Ding and came down Dang. Here are a few more pictures of pretty mountains and canyons and stuff.

Three of my sons went on this hike.

This is a Juniper tree. It kills off parts of itself during drought years. 

With so little vegitation, it’s easy to see the different layers in the rock. This “white” structure is sitting on a bed of “red” rock.

As we headed into Ding, we walked along this “road.” It’s actually a dry streambed. 

I’m pretty sure that’s stable.

This hole was our first big obstacle in Ding. There is normally a rope to repel down. The rope was gone so several of our boys searched until they found a way to climb down the crock face. 

The second big obstacle was this section of canyon. You could wade through the pea soup water. . .

Or attempt to “walk it” bruising your back against one wall while bracing your feet against the other.  The line from Emperor’s New Groove got said more than once. 

Good think you’re not a big fat guy, or this would be really difficult.

After crawling across the water feature, the was the final section of canyon. The base was just wide enough for a single foot. The walls were so close that at one point I thought, 

If I “fall” while walking through here,  I’m not sure I would know. . .or move.

We do this hike every October on the weekend of the full moon. 

A while year for the bruises on my back to clear up. 

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