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Some Nice Pictures Of Southern Utah’s Ding Canyon

October 20, 2016

Last weekend we took the scouts to Southern Utah, Goblin Valley state park. Just outside the park are a pair of canyons, Ding and Dang. We went up Ding and tomorrow, I’ll share some pictures of coming down Dang. 

The terrain was mild to aggressive. It started off pretty easy. 

The  Cliffs of Insanity.. . .sort. Of.

We could have walked through the water, but we weren’t sure if we might end up walking on the water. Pretty full of dirt and rocks.

We saw plenty of evidence of previous rains. The temperature was mild: mid-70s.

The scenery is beautifully brutal. 

My Indiana Jones stance.

That tiny shadow in the lower right corner is me up on the opposite canyon wall.

Lunch was spent in the remains of a giant ant colony. 

Finally, a picture of water because in the desert, water is life.

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