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Best of 2015 #2: The Liar, The Comedian And The Fat Jew

December 30, 2015

Josh Ostrovsky is an entertainer. His stage name is The Fat Jew. Unfortunately, much of his success was built on “aggregating” jokes that other comics wrote and reposting them without attribution. Worse, he attempted to defend the process before eventually backtracking and affirming his support for intellectual property rights. 

Steve Hofstetter is also an entertainer. He hates plagiarism. He spent much of 2015 raising awareness of the issue and organizing fellow comedians to fight for protection of their material. Steve was kind enough to do an email interview discussing the issue of joke stealing in the industry. 

This blog post also stirred interest in a post I did in 2013 about another comedian who got into trouble called The Pedophile, the Comedian and The Englishman.

The second most popular post in 2015 that was not about Schlock Mercenary was The Liar, The Comedian And The Fat Jew.

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