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Best of 2015 #3: Five People Who Made a Difference…To Me): #2 The Cartoonist

December 29, 2015

My friend Howard has made a big difference in my life and career over the years. He has at times been a client, a mentor, a safety net for my adult kids and always a good friend. That he happens to be a world famous celebrity at times makes our relationship interesting. . .because I’m also a fan of his comic Schlock Mercenary

And while we’d still be friends if he was still an IT nerd, his success as a cartoonist has been an inspiration. Not counting the interviews I posted with him earlier this month, the third most popular post of 2015 was a post about how important he has been in my life. 

Five People Who Made a Difference…To ME: #2 The Cartoonist.

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