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Oh, That is NOT A Good Sound

February 25, 2015

It wasn’t my fault. 

I fell asleep. Well, that was my fault. But it was late. We got to the hospital about 11:00. My lovely wife was being seen for stomach pains. She’d had them before, but this time they were much worse.mthey sent her to one room after another for blood work, x-Rays, ultra sounds (she wasn’t pregnant, by the way.) and as the hours ticked by, I found a comfy chair. . .relatively. . .in a hallway, crossed my legs and leaned my head back. Like I said, it was late.

Mr Bliss? Mr. Bliss, you need to wake up now. 


We’ve concluded out tests. We’re getting ready to discharge your wife.

what time is it? 

It’s just after 3:00 AM

I staggered up and shook the cobwebs out of my head. There was something wrong with my foot. I couldn’t feel it. It made it hard to walk. It had fallen asleep, of course. I laughed at the silly figure I cut trying to drag my foot down the hospital hallway.

I realized that I could walk, like a scuba diver with floppy fins if I just picked my foot up high enough. . .like thi…CRACK.

That was not a good sound. It sounded like breaking a whole handful of dry spaghetti, with a couple of yellow #2 pencils thrown in for good measure. Fortunately, it didn’t hurt…yet. I turned around and wisely drug my foot backwards down the hall to my lovely wife’s room. 

I collapsed on a chair in the corner, and suddenly got very, very cold. Shivering cold. But, if I could just shiver hard enough, I’d be fine. (Did I mention it was 3:00 AM and I had just broken my foot? Not thinking the most clearly.) Finally, I climb into the bed next to hers and pull a blanket over me. It dawned on me that I was in shock. 

The nurse finally comes in to discharge my lovely wife. She does a double take when she sees me in the other bed. My lovely wife starts to offer an explanation, 

He’s . . .

I’m FINE. Let’s go. 

And I meant it. We’d been in the hospital for hours and hours. Broken foot or not, I was ready to go home. I knew if we told them about my foot we’d be there there for even more hours.

For the next six months I wore a stiff brace on my foot. It still twinges every now and then. It took much longer to heal than if I had allowed a doctor to fix it that first night. Why didn’t I? 

Stubbornness. . .impatience. . .embarrassment. . .dislike of hospitals.

The point wa that it my decisions kept it from getting better. 

Here’s the tie-in to this week’s theme of viruses and computer security. In the past I’ve treated my computer the same way I treated my foot. Maybe you have too. I KNOW it’s not working as well as it should. I might even remember that il-advised email attachment that I opened that broke it. But, I don’t want to take the time to have it fixed properly. I go through and delete the problematic files. I close the extra pop ups. I live with the slowness. 

And if you asked me, I KNOW what will make my computer whole. But, rather than get it actually fixed, I just buy an anti-virus program for $29.95 on the Internet and hope it’s good enough. Both of these events happened a long time ago. I’ve gotten better at protecting my computers and I’ve tried to make it a habit to not fall asleep in hospital hallways  with my legs crossed. But, like I said, it really wasn’t my fault.

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